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Meet & Greet Adriana

Since Adriana was a little girl, she always paused to admire things that sparkled or were extremely rare and beautiful. Adriana was also a dancer for over 30 years. She developed a natural admiration for the continuity of the human body lines and its energy projection. Adriana says "anything artistic involving the human body would call my attention and admiration". I remember how natural it was for me to remember images of humans poses, faces and gestures easily, they would just stay on my mind like vivid photographs and how I contemplated the beauty expressed in those images."

Q. What is unique about your photography?
A. I developed a sense of contemplation at an early age that I can only express this through my photography. I think my biggest source of inspiration is the beauty and kindness of my three children. They have also been my training camp for children photography. My other source of inspiration has been my mother. She was the very first one to teach me about external and inner beauty, and appreciate the different forms and flavors it can come in.
I would say that what is unique about my photography is my ability to capture that moment of true sentiment and beauty that perpetuates before my eyes; that becomes my photography.

Q: What is your training background?
A: I am a self-made photographer. Everything I know is because I have studied it on my own during key moments of manifestations and in late hours of the night online and offline. I have also taken over 20 workshops that have helped me refine techniques. Shooting tête-à-tête with professional photographers on the field on real time have allowed me to polish certain artistic techniques and learn to play with what is available.

Q: Who would you attribute as important people supporting your dream coming true?
A: That is a very good question; Some people along the way have taught me a lot, others have inspired me. I must say that Michael Vonal of Michael Vonal Photography, and Michel Tileri, founder of Runway Weekly have been great mentors to me. These two magnificent photographers have not only taught me tricks of the trade and techniques, and allowed me to shoot next to them, but have taught that photography is also about giving, patience and soul-deep commitment.
I could not complete my story, however, without mentioning the unconditional support from my husband, Gustavo Calderón. He has supported me from the start, motivating me and facilitating whatever it would take to realize my dream. There is also another person who has been key to opening the doors for me in photography; I consider her my fairy godmother and an incredible friend. She knows who she is!

Q: What is your passion in your work as an artist photographer?
A: I am a fashion/runway photographer at heart, however, portraits captivate my heart. I enjoy shooting family & children portraits, they are always fun and I also love to be a small part of capturing special moments in history through events.

Thank you for visiting my website and watch my dream unfold!
- Adriana E. Calderón

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