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Services & General Info


I love doing the following types of photography:

  • Fashion & Runway
  • Portraits & Junior Portraits
  • Chidlren, newborns & maternity
  • Commercial & events

Contact me directly if you have an questions or wan to discuss in person certain aspects of commercial photogrpahy.

General Info and FAQs

How long does a typical portrait session last?
There is no time limit. Because you will be my only customer on that day, I will take as much time as needed. However, on an average a typical session can last as little as 2 hours and as long as 3.5 hours depending on the circumstances and also on how easily the subject(s) warms up to the camera.

Where are the portrait sessions?
It depends. It can be indoors/outdoors, at my home studio or elsewhere. For children and family, I prefer outdoors as it offers more natural props, children love it and it is also more conducive to warmer and more loving pictures.

How many looks and outfits can I do?
You can do as many as you would like during the length of the session. Bring as many as you want/can to have options. Also include plenty of accessories (i.e., hats, scarfs, gloves, bags, clutches) and some jewelry.

Makeup and Hair Styling?
I do realize most women will likely feel comfortable with how they do their own makeup. I would only ask to accentuate it a bit more, and make some fixes here and there. Regardless, keep in mind that makeup and hair styling is not included as part of my service. However, I can make arragements to have a makeup artist and hair stylist onsite for an additional charge if you feel you want to have someone else do your makeup/hair for different looks. For fashion and creative photography, I highly recommend that you consider using the service of a makeup artist and hair stylist.

When will proofs be available?
Within 3 weeks of your session or earlier, your images will be available on a password-protected online gallery for proofing, selecting, commenting, sharing and more. Your gallery will remain live for a period of 45 days. I like to give my customers enough time to view their pictures as many times as they want to make the right choices and purchases. We are all very busy and that extra time is appreciated. All images presented will be edited and digitally enhanced as necessary.

What happens when my private gallery expires?
If you have not made up mind as to what photos you want to purchase outside your package, all you have to do is ask me for more time and I will set gallery to expire at a later date. Your photos will not be deleted. I will always have them in the event you want to purchase additional later in the future! I would charge a minimal publishing fee of $25 to have your gallery up again online.

Do I need to sign a release document?
Yes. You will need to sign a release form in which you confirm the images are for personal use and not commercial use. If you want to use your photos for commercial use, you would need to contact me requesting permission. As you may know, when it is for commercial use, the implications of using an image and its consequences maybe significant. These need to be reviewed carefully to determine any financial benefits or royalties that may result. This is not applicable to commercial photography as the terms and conditions would be different.

Is it okay/legal to print-screen, screen-grab, scan, or email the images im my private gallery?
For your own protection and mine, all the images taken are copyrighted and registered with the U.S. Electronic Copyright Office. So, yes, all of the above actions are considered theft and a violation of copyright laws. In your private gallery, you will be able to share to Facebook, Twitter, comment and email to your friends a link to your private gallery.

Do you do Trade for Print for Models?
Yes. I love to help a model start/add or complete her porfolio. Please contact me directly to discuss in detail what you are looking for portfolio.

Where are you located and would you cover my fashion event?
I am based in Vienna, VA, DC Metro Area. I love fashion and runway photography, so if you are in the area, I can definitely cover your event. I only travel for major fashion events such as Merdeces-Benz Fashion Weeks in New York City and/or other main fashion cities.

What methods of payment do you accept?
I accept personal checks and Paypal payments at this time. Payment is expected at the session.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

- Adriana

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